Welcome to One Grumpy Daddy (.com)

Hey – Thanks for visiting – or not, your call. I’m Simon – a father to an amazing toddler called Fred, and a husband to a beautiful and incredible wife & artist called Emily (you can check her art out on her website https://www.emilyduchschererkirk.com ).

I’m on my way to my mid thirties (hah, clinging on desperately to below that clearly) and have a keen interest in computers, gaming (board gaming and miniatures as well as video games #pcmasterrace ), cycling (yes the Lycra kind, and no I don’t have the body for it) and photography. I mean to be honest I’ve a keen interest in all sorts of things and like to learn and do wherever possible but those are some of the primary topics I’ll likely talk about on this blog so makes sense to list them.

I’m often accused of being a bit grumpy, cynical and old before my time – which in retrospect is likely a fair set of statements to make. My family, friends and hobbies keep me happy, sane and proud – but the rest of the world seems to wind me up a little bit (I believe I’m not the only person affected by this modern affliction for expressing my disappointment at everything else but if I didn’t focus on that I wouldn’t have much of a cool blog name).

I work in the IT Sector (surprise surprise) for a living and to be honest I’m relatively proud of my achievements there (I can be pretty smug about things I think I’m good at, until proven otherwise).

As I’m always moaning, whinging or talking passionately about something I’m interested in, my wife suggested I start a website – which is this. As with most websites I’ve ever started I suspect I’ll get as far as designing it (done, it’s my favourite part as well), writing a few posts and a bit of content then forgetting all about it. However in reality I hope I keep at it, it takes off and I become a full time super-rich modern internet mega blogger that everyone loves to read and then I can retire. I mean if I don’t get as far as mega blogger or super rich but I still keep this up then that in itself will be a life affirming achievement in willpower/dedication for me so I can’t really lose (woo go me, life affirmed by having a flippin’ blog, wtf world).

An Audience with me

The best way to start and keep enjoying something passionately in this day and age is apparently to get affirmation from the rest of society that what you’re doing is cool, interesting or worthy of their time (time being the one thing we all lack and everyone’s most important commodity in my eyes). This leaves me at a quandary, as normally someone might say say:

  • “So please if this page is any of those things – I’m sure I’d love to hear from you, write a comment, send me an email or get in touch via one of the social media methods available to you.”

That however, is not going to happen. People bug the ever living crap out of me – so please don’t. If you really really have to, keep it short and sweet for everyone’s sake. If I have to start spending hours of my life reading your inane drivel as well as writing my own then no one will have time left to do anything but.

I’m positive I’ll end up with all sorts of terrible grammar throughout and mistakes or factual inaccuracies galore. If your one of those sort to pick on these things – do us all a favour and just don’t. I’ve got a vague disclaimer at the bottom about errors – so if you’re feeling that sudden urge to whine “Buuut Simon, Super Mario Brothers 3 was actually released in August 1991 in the PAL region, not July like you said” then just button it up, lock it away and go back to not caring too much how accurate a statement on a random internet blog is. That aside I could be open to ideas for stuff to blog/drivel/whinge about if its up my alley so hey even if you do send it, I might end up with something to write about or laugh at (your message).

I’m looking forward to gaining an audience of like minded grumpy moaners who may or may not be interested in things like me and keeping quiet about how they feel on the subject.

Oh – I also have an Instagram account, be prepared for all manner of pictures of things I think are cool, awesome, amazing or beautiful because that’s all I’m posting to it – if you don’t like it, shut up, no one asked you.

Now go read one of my blogs if you’ve gotten this far, you might get a smirk or a smile out it (or the need to write a rage fuelled message about why I’m wrong, its all gold).